Our Consultant Mr Nicky Tse is appointed as a China-Appointed Attesting Officer by the Ministry of Justice, PRC

Our Consultant Mr Nicky Tse was examined and formally appointed as a China-Appointed Attesting Officer (CAAO) by the Ministry of Justice, People’s Republic of China.

The appointment ceremony was officiated by Madam He Rong (贺荣), the Minister of Justice, in person at the Ministry of Justice in Beijing on 15 May 2023.

Nicky Tse China-Appointed Attesting Officer CAAO
What is CAAO?

CAAO is an official title from the China Ministry of Justice and recognized by the Law Society of Hong Kong. Its functions are similar to a Notary Public.  It is also the only profession in Hong Kong licenced to handle and issue notarial (attestation) documentation for use in Mainland China.

CAAOs serve Hong Kong corporations that have businesses in China, as well as private clients for matters including marriage, transactions, succession and immigration.

Since year 1981, 568 CAAO appointments were made and as of today, 419 of them are in active practice.

Please see the website of the Association of CAAO for more information.

2023 CAAO examination

Amongst 130 candidates who took part in the examination this year, the Ministry of Justice appointed 36 as CAAOs.

How CAAO contributes to our Notary practice?

Having this licence means that Oldham, Li & Nie now perfects its notarization practice by conducting CAAO attestation work.

Nicky is undergoing the post-qualification CAAO practice course, and Oldham, Li & Nie will commence its CAAO practice in December 2023.

Please contact us if you wish to know more about our CAAO attestation work.