Notarization is no rocket science.  However, without it, we would have difficulty completing a lot of transactions and fulfilling regulatory requirements. What distinguishes our Notary Public in this firm from others is the quality of our service, quick response and knowledge. In short, we offer workable solutions.    

As a firm, we have been blessed along the years with a team of notaries, hence our vast experience in dealing with the issues which you may come across and our ability to ask the right questions at the outset. This in turn saves your time and cost and most importantly, it will ensure that deadlines are not missed.
In Hong Kong, all the Notary Public are Hong Kong solicitors of at least 10 years’ experience. They need to pass an exam organised by the Hong Kong Society of Notaries. Hong Kong currently has less than 400 Notaries out of more than 10,000 solicitors in the profession. Notaries are very experienced lawyers.   
You may have been overwhelmed by the differences between the concepts of notarization, apostille and legalization/authentication. In short, 
(1) Notarization is the process where a Notary Public affixes his seal and signs his signature on a document. 
(2) Legalization/authentication is the process where the consulate in Hong Kong of the country where the document is intended to be used verifies the identity, signature and seal of the Notary Public, which then gives comfort to the organization or person which will rely on the notarized document that the Notary Public is one who is qualified.  
(3) Apostille is the simplified version of legalization for countries which signed the Hague Apostille Convention. In Hong Kong, this process is done by the High Court.
In our experience, the main issues that arise during notarization is the process of legalization. That is when our experience comes into play as different consulates may have different requirements for different documents. They may refuse to legalize certain documents if the format of the document or the notarization process is not completed in accordance with their established practice or requirement.  

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Below are examples of some of the documents which we regularly notarize:

  • Address proofs such as bank statements and utility bills
  • Affidavits/Affirmations/Declarations
  • Board Resolutions
  • Certificates such as birth certificates, marriage certificates and academic qualification certificates
  • Company documents such as Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration Certificate, Annual Return and Articles of Association
  • Emigration documents such as health certificates and Power of Attorneys
  • Identification documents such as passports and identity cards
  • Power of Attorneys
  • Property transaction documents including sale and purchase agreements and mortgage documents
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