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Intellectual Property Law

We live in a world where Intellectual Property has a unique value; it is imperative that owners protect those rights. Backed by a team of experienced intellectual property lawyers in Hong Kong and China.

Intellectual property is a broad topic that encompasses various types of original creations. Complicating the matter further, the rules governing intellectual property in different countries vary. Therefore you need professional lawyers who have a proven track record in dealing with local/regional intellectual property issues to help you cope with these matters. Here at OLN, we understand the needs of businesses and individuals for professional legal advice and services related to intellectual property. Our intellectual property Hong Kong and China teams have the capacity and experience to offer you the right service.

The Intellectual Property team in OLN's PRC office together with the Intellectual Property team in our Hong Kong office provide intellectual property asset management for brand owners and investors. With solid knowledge in China and Hong Kong Intellectual Property law, our Intellectual Property team are able to advise on a diverse topics related to intellectual property law in Hong Kong and China and assist clients in protecting their trademarks and patents.

OLN's PRC team is also a qualified trademark agency which is appointed by the PRC government to handle trademark registration and prosecution in China.


OLN provides a full range of services in connection with intellectual property matters including:

  • Registration and Protection of a product or invention by Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

  • Anti-Counterfeiting and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

  • Enforcement of Intellectual Property rights on online trading platforms

  • Licensing and Franchise Agreements

  • Intellectual Property Audit

  • Copyright and Passing-off Disputes

  • Negotiation and Resolution of Intellectual Property Disputes

  • Conduct of administrative action and court proceedings against Intellectual Property infringement including injunctions and claims for damages

  • Domain-name dispute resolution and Internet related issues

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