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Corporate and Commercial Law


Armed with a team of experienced Hong Kong-qualified lawyers and with close ties to top commercial law firms across the globe, Oldham, Li & Nie’s Corporate and Commercial practice group is well-placed to handle both local and cross-border transactions.

Our clients range from individual, SMEs to international companies and we are especially skilled at offering advice to companies seeking a presence in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

We pride ourselves on the motto of leaving no stone unturned and delivering the highest quality of work product to our clients promptly.


Our services

Mergers & acquisitions

We represent all forms of business entities ranging from SMEs to multinational conglomerates on both sell side and buy side in mergers & acquisitions. Our team works seamlessly and has established ongoing working relationship with skilled professionals in different areas to deliver all-rounded and timely advice and assistance to clients in mergers and acquisitions from the initial stage of due diligence to the post-completion requirements of a transaction.


Corporate finance

We assist clients as lenders and or borrowers of local and overseas companies in loan and facility arrangements and advise on the necessary security and collateral needs considering the transaction needs.  We also assist corporate clients in their capital raising strategies and implementation, including the preparation of loan documentation, investment agreement, private placement memorandum and alike and advising on necessary compliance issues.  


Regulatory matters

We have a team of experienced lawyers dealing with compliance and regulatory matters and constantly deal with matters involving licence applications, compliance issues and investigations involving local authorities and regulators, for example, the Securities and Futures Commission, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) and the Insurance Authority (IA).


Corporate structuring and restructuring

Our team members all have strong business, accounting and management background and we constantly provide advice and assistance on corporate structuring and restructuring which include, but not limited to:

  • reconstitution of the board and alternation of constitution documents of company
  • transfer of business among group companies
  • amalgamation of group companies
  • conversion of a private company into a public company and vice versa
  • spinning off of subsidiary companies
  • shareholders buyout
  • separation of partnership


Joint ventures and shareholders’ agreements

We help to set up different forms of joint ventures in Hong Kong, the Mainland China and in other regions. To ensure that an appropriate joint venture mechanism is selected, our lawyers, who have practical experience in legal and commercial background, analyse the needs, opportunities and legal and business risks for clients and provide their professional advice and assistance.  We also assist clients to prepare appropriate shareholders’ or joint venture agreement to govern the management and affairs of the joint venture.


Licensing and franchising

Licensing and franchising arrangements can take place in SME level and even for multinational companies having substantial intellectual property and proprietary rights.  We assist clients to prepare appropriate licensing and franchising agreements for proprietary owners exercise and grant their rights, usually intellectual property, to be used by licensees or franchisees in further development of business of products and/or services.

We work with our strong IP team when any licensing and franchising arrangement in the protection of intellectual property rights of clients.  


Corporate governance and directors’ duties

Apart from the corporate level, our team also provides assist to directors for their observance of corporate governance, advising on necessary disclosure of conflicting interests and connected transactions and all statutory required reporting and filing requirements.

We constantly assistance organisations in drafting the corporate governance and compliance manual and formation of the supervisory committee.


Trade Services

Our corporate trade services division aims to streamline trade transactions, particularly for SMEs and foreign companies without a physical presence in Hong Kong, by providing global services in the following areas:

  • factory inspection and background checks and audits of the factory
  • opening bank accounts
  • preparing letters of credit
  • receiving original invoices and packing lists and re-invoicing the same
  • pre-shipment inspections and obtaining product certification and quality control test result
  • cargo survey audit including cargo loading and discharging supervision
  • freight and consolidation of shipments
  • assistance in the issuance of bills of lading and airway bills
  • payment of customs and excise tax and making necessary declarations
  • product sourcing


Company formation and associated corporate services

Our corporate services team assists clients to incorporate Hong Kong and off-shore companies, and to set up branch offices for foreign entities. We also offer quality on-going maintenance for companies such as bookkeeping and preparation of financial management reports and nominee services. Furthermore, the team is skilled at providing advice on how to tailor the accounting procedures and systems of our corporate clients to best suit its business operations and do provide day-to-day accounting services, tax filing and annual audits for corporate clients.


Why Us?

Our Services

Our philosophy is to HELP our clients with cost-effective legal solutions and personal attention to their needs at all stages of their business development in a prompt manner and this is achieved through the assistance of our full range of legal services. We never vary our standard of services.

Our clients are able to focus their resources on building and realizing their business aspirations while their legal and economic concerns are taken care of.


One-Stop Shop

We understand it is a pain to approach a lawyer!  It is even worse if a client needs to approach different lawyers and other professional advisors from different jurisdictions. We offer a full range of services and always take the lead to coordinate for clients with other professionals, for the purpose of getting things done in a cost effective and efficient way and in a timely manner.



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