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Legal Assistance for Fintech Start Ups

Hong Kong’s “start ups” have seamlessly moved away from “” to “Fintech”, but irrespective of the actual business of the “start ups” and irrespective of the “APP” or the “tech solution” involved, there are still a number of basic business rules that should apply and which will assist in reducing Founder risk and in making the business as attractive as possible to Investors.

OLN’s Corporate Commercial Practice Group can assist with strategizing on each aspect of the “start-up”, whether that is “pre” start up when looking for initial funding, when the start up is operational, or when there is business growth and the need to look for additional funding or investment.

All these aspects will invariably require clarity of thought and in having documentation that is properly tailored to the operational and business needs of the company.

In this respect, are you aware of all the different types Hong Kong Government funding that could potentially be available to you: OLN can assist in all procedures and applications for trying to secure such funding.

OLN’s Corporate Practice Group has extensive knowledge, not only acting for Founders, but also acting for private equity investors, so OLN can assist and provide all background information to move forward with the tailored drafting of:

  • Non disclosure agreements;
  • The Term Sheet or Memorandum of Understanding;
  • The commercial terms for the Founders to enable them to put a Shareholder Agreement in place;
  • The Employment Contracts for staff members;
  • All protections to enable relevant intellectual property to be registered;
  • Privacy Policies and in ensuring that data protection principles are understood and dealt with; and
  • Corporate compliance procedures, which will need to be upheld at operational level.
  • We can also assist and advice on the strategy for the use of block chain, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies and in ensuring that all regulatory guidelines are adhered to and or approvals obtained on any aspect of the intended business, especially where data privacy and data protection is involved.

OLN’s ongoing work with the Trade and Industry Department and with the Hong Kong Science Park enables us to have a clear understanding of what “start ups” and SMEs practically need.
OLN’s services are tailored to be as practical and pragmatic as possible, so that each client receives proper input and advice relevant to their actual business and needs.

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