First Ever Immigration Law for China

First Ever Immigration Law for China

First Ever Immigration Law for China

Thursday, 22 July 2010 16:41

China's Immigration policy is currently under review, with plans for China to introduce its first ever Immigration Law in an effort to control the increasing number of foreigners coming to China to work.


Whilst details of the policy have not yet been released, the Chinese Government has been advised to learn from the experience of other countries in regulating immigration.


The first draft of the new Immigration Law is expected to require all foreigners entering China for more than six months to be classified as skilled or unskilled workers, or for there to be skills and/or investor migration categories.


The ultimate aim would be for China to monitor immigration and only allow in workers who they feel will positively contribute to the development of the Chinese economy and society.


China has never had any comprehensive Immigration Law or chosen to limit immigration, except on health grounds. The only regulations that todate have come close are rules relating to exit/entry administration and invitations for foreign investment.


The Chinese Government has yet to give a timeline for the new immigration policy, but it appears that it is in the process of actively gathering information on immigration trends.


For the first time, foreign residents will be included in China's national census due to begin in November 2010, to give experts and policy makers more accurate numbers on which they can base the expected reforms.

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