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Items filtered by date: February 2016

Items filtered by date: February 2016
Wednesday, 03 February 2016 18:23


It’s that simple.  It’s that charitable. And it’s that easy!

Have you ever thought about making a Will but then thought now wasn’t the time? Or is it the expense of making a Will that puts you off?


Time to stop the procrastination! Here at OLN, we have made the decision easy for you by re-launching our FreeWill campaign which first began in September 2011.


From now until 29th February 2016, we pledge to prepare and attest a professionally drafted, simple Will for anyone who contributes $2,000HK to the Hong Kong based charity, Child Welfare Scheme (CWS). 


The idea for FreeWill came to us when we realised that a lot of people in Hong Kong are under the misconception that they do not need a Will. They may think it is too expensive, or that they do not have any assets here to pass on to their loved ones or to charities. With the abolishment of estate duty in Hong Kong in 2006, many believe that anything they have to pass on to their family will do so automatically. That is not the case. If you do not make a Will there is every possibility that the intentions you had for your family will not be met.


Already have a valid Will in place? For the same donation of $2,000, OLN will draft a Deed of Appointment of Guardian, an important document in the event of your death, to ensure that your children are taken care of without the need for social welfare or court involvement. 


If your situation is more complex and a simple Will is not what you need, we would be happy to prepare a bespoke Will that suits your circumstances. If this turns out to be the case, you can use your HK$2,000.00 donation as credit to your final bill.    


We hope that FreeWill 3 will provides the incentive for you to get a Will in place, or to have an existing Will reviewed in light of any changes in your personal circumstances.  Doing so will not only help a worthy charitable cause, but it will give you and your family additional peace of mind. 


This campaign will close on 29th February 2016, so what are you waiting for?



Child Welfare Scheme 


Child Welfare Scheme (CWS) was founded in Nepal in 1997 and in Hong Kong (charity registration number 865654) in 2003 to provide protection, education, health care and opportunities to disadvantaged children and women in Nepal.


Funds raised from the Free-Will campaign will go towards the Kopila Project, a Safe Home providing care, counselling and training to young women (and their children) rescued from abuse and exploitation in Nepal.  Your HK$2,000 will help provide shelter, food, counselling, basic healthcare and training to 4 young women for the whole year. 


Should you wish to know more about FreeWill 3, please contact Scherzade Burden at OLN by phone (2868 0696) or email (


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